Feb. 5, 2021

Cafe Telegraph With Bill Cieslinski

Cafe Telegraph With Bill Cieslinski

A few years ago my wife and our four kids enjoyed a fantastic dinner at a new, locally owned restaurant in the South County area. It was a spring day and we sat in a rustic, modern barn style room. The room had a great indoor/outdoor feel to it. The huge windows were opened and it reminded us of restaurants that we've been to in Florida. The Cardinal's game was on and everywhere you looked there was a great view. The atmosphere was awesome.

Best Indoor/Outdoor Dining In St. Louis
That "new" restaurant was Cafe Telegraph near the intersection of Telegraph Road and Jefferson Barracks Road. Although it's not new anymore, I still believe it's one of the best kept secrets in South St. Louis County. If you love outdoor dining, this place offers one of the best indoor/outdoor dining experiences in St. Louis.

Episode 12 Guest
Bill Cieslinski, one of the owners of Cafe Telegraph, was my guest on episode 12. 
In this episode you'll hear: 

  • How Bill and his business partners found the location and how their vision came to life
  • How much of the buildout consisted of recycled products (it's an impressive amount) 
  • What menu items Cafe Telegraph is known for
  • How their unique indoor/outdoor barn design allowed for them to remain steady during Covid South County restrictions
  • What it's like for Bill to balance running a restaurant and family life
  • and more!

Visit Cafe Telegraph
2650 Telegraph Rd, SAINT LOUIS, MO, 63125

Call: 314-200-9952
- for curbside orders or to make a group reservation

CLICK HERE to visit their website. 

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