Nov. 28, 2020

Cellar House with Patrick Ahearn

Cellar House with Patrick Ahearn

What's the best wine bar and restaurant in St. Louis? If you ask many Oakville residents, they'll tell you it's Cellar House. Cellar House is a quaint and popular restaurant in South St. Louis County that specializes in a fantastic selection of wine and delicious food that pairs well with it.   

Best St. Louis Restaurant for Wine Lovers
If you love drinking wine, learning about new wines and hearing the story behind every bottle, you've got to try Cellar House. They have an outstanding selection of wines sourced from around the globe and a very knowledgeable staff.

And if you're not a wine aficionado, there's no need to be intimidated to grab a bite to eat and a drink at Cellar House. It's offers a laid back atmosphere with a friendly and helpful staff that is more than happy to help you find the best wine for your palette. 

Not Just Wine
Cellar House offers more than just a great selection of wine. They also provide an enjoyable menu of spirits and beer.

Buy Your Favorite Wine, Beer and Spirits
Cellar House is more than a restaurant. They also sell wines, beer and spirits so that you can keep your home bar and wine fridge stocked with your favorites.

Most Popular Menu Items
If you’re a regular at Cellar House you’ll recognize that they keep their menu fresh. New items are always being rotated in. When I asked Patrick about their popular menu items he said their shrimp and grits are really popular right now. He also joked that they should rename the restaurant “Slider House” instead of Cellar House because they sell a lot of sliders. If you’re a slider fan they have three types to choose from: beef, chicken and tuna.

The Story Behind Cellar House
Patrick Ahearn, the owner of Cellar House grew up in South County - the 63128 zip code to be exact. But he didn't grow up dreaming about being a restaurant owner. He attended Kansas State University and received a degree in architecture. He had a successful start to his career in architecture, but a shift in the economy led to him getting laid off.

Wine was a longtime hobby of his and he decided to take his passion for wine into a new career. 10 years ago he opened Bottle Cellars, a small wine bar and retail space in Oakville, St. Louis. The original vision was to serve simple food items, but that part of the business quickly expanded due to the popularity.

Cellar House Is Born
After Bottle Cellars was in business for five years, Patrick grabbed an opportunity to expand next door and open Cellar House a small, full restaurant that offered an expanded and diverse menu. 

After a successful five-year run, Patrick again was looking to expand into a bigger space. That's when an ideal location presented itself. In the spring of 2020 Cellar House moved about a mile north on Telegraph Road in Oakville to it's new location in front of the Dierberg's in Telegraph Plaza. 

Place Pick Up Orders
As of 11/29/20 St. Louis County Covid-19 restrictions prohibit restaurants from having indoor dining. You can still enjoy great meals and drinks from Cellar House by placing curbside pick-up orders Tuesday through Saturday from 4-8 pm.

Call 314-846-5100 to place your order.

Cellar House Address:
Telegraph Plaza
5634 Telegraph Road,
Oakville, MO 63129

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