Feb. 19, 2021

The Affton Christmas Lights & Train Guy with Jeff Uhlemeyer

The Affton Christmas Lights & Train Guy with Jeff Uhlemeyer

Welcome to Episode 14 of the Show Me South County Podcast with Kevin Duy. This episode launched on February 19th. So, it's not exactly Christmastime. But, we currently have about 6-8 inches of snow on the ground and frozen ponds and lakes all across South County. So one could argue that there's definitely a Christmas feel in the cold air!

Best Christmas Light Display In St. Louis 
My guest on today's episode is Jeff Ehlemeyer. Jeff is quickly becoming known as the Affton Christmas Lights and Train Guy. That's because over the last few years Jeff has had one of the best Christmas Light displays in St. Louis. Actually, I wouldn't even call it a display. What Jeff has created in his front yard is a magical Christmas Experience for children young and old.

Christmas Train Rides For Kids 
Jeff loves Christmas and he wanted to go beyond having a cool light display. He wanted to create a memorable experience for kids. For the past two Christmas seasons he has been giving kids free train rides through his Christmas wonderland display at his Affton home.

Donations For Shriner's Children's Hospital 
Jeff accepts donations for the display and train rides and this year he was able to donate nearly $3,000 to the St. Louis Shriner's Children's Hospital - all from the donations he collected in his front yard this past Christmas!

On This Episode 
Jeff shares: 

  • Why he was inspired to create such a massive Christmas display
  • Where his love of trains came from
  • The story behind where he got his Christmas train
  • What it meant for him to donate nearly $3000 to Shriners
  • What he has planned for Christmas 2021

Thanks for listening! 

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