Nov. 30, 2020

The Sports Pub & Tap Haus with Colleen Miskovic & Jason Rebholz

The Sports Pub & Tap Haus with Colleen Miskovic & Jason Rebholz

What's the best sports bar in St. Louis? If you ask around Oakville, in South County you’ll have a lot of folks tell you it’s The Sports Pub. The Sports Pub is a popular neighborhood restaurant owned by Jason Rebholz and Colleen Miskovic. It's located at Telegraph Road and Christopher in Oakville, MO. 

The Sports Pub is a great family friendly St. Louis restaurant for lunch and dinner. Many Oakville residents will tell you it’s the best sports bar to watch a game in St. Louis. Watching a big game in your home is great. But there’s just something special about the atmosphere at The Sports Pub. When everyone is rooting for the same team, you can feel the emotion and energy with every big moment in the game. There’s nothing like it.

 The Sports Pub Story
In this episode you'll hear stories like: 

  • How The Sports Pub was started
  • The best thing about owning your own sports bar
  • The worst thing about owning your own sports bar
  • Do all of the locally owned restaurants along Telegraph get along, or are they rivals
  • What is Small Business Saturdays at The Sports Pub?

Best Chicken Wings In St. Louis
The Sports Pub has built quite a reputation for having outstanding chicken wings. Many locals will tell you they have the best wings in St. Louis. Choose from their signature pub sauce, hot sauce, trashed, garlic pepper parmesan, teriyaki, bbq, sweet-chili, sriracha, Cajun or Colleen’s favorite. 

Jason’s Favorite Wrap
If chicken wings aren’t your thing, there are plenty of other tasty options to choose from. The Sports Pub has great pizza, burgers, nachos, apps, wraps and more. Jason’s proud of his creation, the Bubba Wrap. He shares what makes the Bubba Wrap so great in this episode. 

Toasted Ravioli Pizza?
When I asked Colleen and Jason about their most popular menu items they blew my mind when they said they have a Toasted Ravioli Pizza. A T-Rav Pizza?! Seriously! You’ve got to hear Colleen describe how they make it. It sounds awesome and I can’t wait to order one. 

Place Pick Up Orders
As of 11/29/20 St. Louis County Covid-19 restrictions prohibit restaurants from having indoor dining. You can still enjoy great meals and drinks from The Sports Pub and Tap Haus by placing curbside pick-up orders.

Call 314-846-3782 to place your order.

The Sports Pub Address:
6348 Telegraph Rd
Oakville, MO 63129

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